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Chinese Retirees Cover Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

If you have ever thought to yourself that you would really like to hear Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” covered in the Hunan dialect by Chinese retirees dancing with young women in miniskirts playing traditional Chinese instruments…then this amazing video will be your dream come true.

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Variations on a Theme: I Want Your Love

1950s Chinese actress, singer and superstar Grace Chang (葛兰 Ge Lan) really deserves a post that is devoted entirely to herself, but I’m going to start here with just one song. Recently, I spent a rather enjoyable morning watching Grace Chang clips on YouTube. My favourite is 我要你的爱 I Want Your Love. It’s a Chinese [...]

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thumbgirl: the aesthetic of cute

卜算子 陌生的尘埃MV from ThumbGirl’s latest album, 伤花怒放 Based in Beijing but tracing its influences back to the UK’s Sarah Records, ThumbGirl (拇指姑娘) is China’s first tweepop band.  Like their name – a translation of Thumbelina – their sweet and gentle music evokes a child’s sense of wonder. This is a band that makes Belle and [...]

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what’s in and what’s out in chinese popular culture

A few months ago in my spoken Chinese class, my teacher displayed this fascinating list of what was in and out in Chinese popular culture as part of her lesson about the internet and slang. Through the miracle of Baidu, I managed to track down the original list to the June 1st edtion of The [...]

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