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MSG is everywhere!

Scott and I once went to our favourite Sichuan restaurant Ba Guo Bu Yi 巴国布衣 as part of a series of kid-friendly restaurant reviews. As part of the review, we asked for the restaurant to make our food without MSG, which is often used as a substitute for salt in China. As the meal went [...]

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two restaurant reviews

…ran in the February issue of that’s Beijing. One was a review of Trader Vic’s, also mentioned in the that’s 7 Days e-newsletter as the that’s restaurant of the week. The other restaurant review was of Cheer Thai and Vietnamese. I enjoyed them both, but sadly, Trader Vic’s has already closed!  It was the poor [...]

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street food beijing: jianbing 煎饼

(This is going to be the first in what will hopefully be a series on street food in Beijing.) I love street food: it’s one of the best ways to get right to the heart of a culture’s cuisine. Beijing offers many fascinating opportunities to experience street food. It might be a city bursting with [...]

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coke and ginger for colds

Late Friday, I had a severe allergic reaction to something, and after a panicky, emergency visit to Beijing United in the middle of the night (1100 RMB! but I was completely reassured that nothing was wrong with me beyond an allergic reaction), I woke up the following morning with all the symptoms of the flu. [...]

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dim sum at the Horizon

At this year’s British Embassy Christmas Bazaar, Scott and I had the luck to win a dim sum lunch at the Kerry Centre’s Horizon restaurant. As I have been wanting to introduce Scott to a proper Cantonese dim sum meal, this was a great opportunity. In northern China, Cantonese food and dim sum are considered [...]

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back to blogging

Finally, I get around to putting this blog up, after living behind the Great Firewall that has been blocking my other blog. While I’m planning to change the layout again (oh horrors! as it was already a pain with a pre-made layout), for now, I’m just happy to have this up and back in business! [...]

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