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Graffiti: Love is Lonely

Every day, I see this little message scribbled on the wall between the two elevators in my building. It is full of sage advice on love. Translation: 很多人 Many people 因为寂寞错爱了一个人 because they are lonely, love someone for the wrong reasons 但更多人 But even more people 因为错爱一个人 because they love the wrong person 而寂寞一生! are [...]

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big city, small spaces

Apartment complexes are the jack-of-all-trades of Beijing’s buildings. Due to some contortions of the zoning laws and permits, apartment buildings often double up as office buildings–and more–because it is often much cheaper for tax purposes and economically viable for small businesses. Scott’s office, which doubles up, even has that most luxurious of furnishings–a bathtub! The [...]

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