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A donkey, a horse, and a tourist climbed the Great Wall…

It’s not entirely uncommon to see farm animals such as horses and donkeys in Beijing, especially as they are often attached to fruit and vegetable carts for farmers trekking in from the countryside to sell their wares. In fact, here’s a horse (or perhaps a hinny, a hybrid from a male horse and a female [...]

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The fish named Paul

When my friend came to visit, she was staying at one of the Orange Hotels. Her room was not empty when she arrived, however. There was a little tenant already there. Paul the Fish was clearly a very clever fish, since he was armed with a Rubik Cube. Ever the polite houseguest, he even came [...]

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the lost deer of china

  (Photo by Jiang Jun.) In the south of Beijing, there is a park called Nanhaizi Milu Yuan (南海子麋鹿苑) where the imperial hunting grounds used to lie.   This would be interesting in and of itself, but what is even more unusual about this park is that it is dedicated to the preservation of an [...]

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