make your own Mini-me!

This is easily one of the most amusing things that I have come across in a while. I thought I was immune to the strange and the weird in China, but as usual, I was wrong.

In the basement of the Kerry Centre, there is a little red stand. It looks innocuous. Innocent, even.



But no, dear friends, do not be fooled by its appearance, replicated in tourist junketes everywhere! This here is the ultimate in glorious kitsch!


For you see, for a certain price, such as, say 240 RMB, you can have yourself recreated as a bobble-headed mini you!

You can be depicted doing your favourite hobby: whether it be playing golf, petting a dog, or waving your hand to adoring fans, anything is possible.


If this isn’t enough, there is also the option to add on specialized backgrounds:

Scott and I loved this so much, that we considered getting ourselves an engagement present of little mini us. Sadly, our more commonsensical sides prevailed.

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One Comment on "make your own Mini-me!"

  1. doug
    06/02/2008 at 12:37 pm Permalink

    are you going to get you and Scott to do a weird couple bobble head thing?

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