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One A Day Photo Project: April 8th – April 10th

(I’m taking a photo a day of whatever is interesting in my life in Beijing. For the story behind this project, please go to the first entry in the project.) April 8 Ack, another day where I forgot my camera. This photo is actually from nearly a year ago, when I went for a yoga [...]

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One A Day Photo Project: April 1st – April 7th

Last year, my friend B in Florianopolis, Brazil began a wonderful project. She started taking a photo a day. When I wrote to tell her how much I enjoyed her project, she suggested that I do the same since she wanted to see Beijing from a personal perspective. As quirkyBeijing tends to go through long [...]

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the view from within

I particularly love being in the front or the back of the subway. Here is the view of the subway station and the interior of the conductor’s cab in a Line 1 subway train. Check out the old-fashioned black telephone on the counter–it’s not quite what I expected to see in 2008!

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be part of the Olympics by climbing the stairs on Wednesdays

The Cure song “Friday, I’m in Love” has it that on Wednesdays you can be grey, break my heart, have a heart attack, or stay in bed, but no such problems for Beijing in its Olympic year. On Wednesdays in Beijing, you can take part in the Olympics in your own way by climbing the [...]

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subway signs

This is a sign from the Beijing authorities prohibiting dangerous items in the subway. Note the artistic twist on 危险品 (flammable items), withthe little flame acting as the first 口 in 品. But this next one is even better, with its eclectically dressed mannequins carrying items of dubious morality.  Both of these signs were found [...]

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