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To Be Frugal Is Glorious: In Summation

So, I have not been the best at keeping up this blog. It has simply been too hectic! At any rate, I failed to keep to my 1000 RMB challenge, especially as my CSC scholarship application fees and sending it to America via DHL totaled about roughly 700 RMB alone. This last month was not [...]

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To Be Frugal Is Glorious: 7.3 RMB in 3 Days!

(Photo originally from Jalopnik.) After my bad start, I have managed to only spend 7.3 RMB (1.07 USD) in the last 3 days. The only things that I bought on Tuesday were 5 RMB of strawberries (going to make Mark Bittman’s easy sorbet) and 2.3 RMB worth of lettuce, scallions, and bean sprouts. I love [...]

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To Be Frugal Is Glorious: The 1000 RMB Challenge

For a variety of reasons that can be filed under Being a Student Without Medical Insurance, Visa Problems, and The Unstable Life of Freelancing, once I’ve set aside my rent, I only have 1000 RMB (146.32 USD) for the month for all of my expenses, including bills. Alas, Beijing is an expensive city, not only [...]

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tea at the black market money exchanger’s

If you’ve lived in China for any amount of time, you know that exchanging RMB for the currency of your home country can be an awful hassle. There are considerable restrictions on money exchange, and this also applies to Chinese citizens as well. I’ve found it easier to give my parents RMB for them to [...]

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