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the lost deer of china

  (Photo by Jiang Jun.) In the south of Beijing, there is a park called Nanhaizi Milu Yuan (南海子麋鹿苑) where the imperial hunting grounds used to lie.   This would be interesting in and of itself, but what is even more unusual about this park is that it is dedicated to the preservation of an [...]

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cartoon graffiti in 798

Back in December, we came across cartoon graffiti on the Third Ring Road.  When I was recently in the 798 Art District with my friend Cedric, we discovered that the entire area was covered in colorful graffiti, including more of the same funky animal that I had seen earlier. Here are some examples of other [...]

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a very happy pastry

For me, bakeries are fun places to explore. You just never know what you might come across. One of my favourite bakeries, Tous Les Jour (despite its name, is actually from Korea), used to carry a Totoro bun. They don’t seem to carry this any more, to my eternal sadness. The other day I was [...]

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good luck Beijing diving finals

It’s been far too long since I last updated, but I didn’t have enough memory on my laptop for new pictures! However, now I have a brand new and ultra-chic Iomega flash drive to store my mp3s and photos, so I can update again.   A few weeks ago in February, we went to one [...]

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China bans free plastic bags!

Today’s mindboggling statistic: Chinese people use up to 3 billion plastic bags a day,  at a cost of 5 million tons (37 million barrels) of crude oil a year for plastic packaging.   Knowing the costs of production and the harm plastic bags inflict on the environment, how can a plastic bag ever be called “free”? [...]

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subway signs

This is a sign from the Beijing authorities prohibiting dangerous items in the subway. Note the artistic twist on 危险品 (flammable items), withthe little flame acting as the first 口 in 品. But this next one is even better, with its eclectically dressed mannequins carrying items of dubious morality.  Both of these signs were found [...]

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beijingology’s 2008 2008

As you can see from this blog’s Beijing linkage, I’m a big fan of the Collected Works of David Feng. David is a one man juggernaut who loves all things Beijing, Macs, China, and technology, and his output is amazingly prolific. A few days ago, he released a PDF sampler from his upcoming 2008 2008, [...]

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