One A Day Photo Project: April 1st – April 7th

Last year, my friend B in Florianopolis, Brazil began a wonderful project. She started taking a photo a day. When I wrote to tell her how much I enjoyed her project, she suggested that I do the same since she wanted to see Beijing from a personal perspective. As quirkyBeijing tends to go through long phases of non-updating when I’m not feeling inspired, I’m taking her up on her suggestion!

I can’t promise that I’ll take a photo a day, since already I have been hampered by forgetting my camera at home, but I will try my best.

Apologies to anyone who is accessing this in China and cannot see the photos because Flickr is blocked. I can upload the photos directly to the website, but the uploading process tends to strip out quite a bit of color information from the photos. So the choice was made to stick to Flickr. You can access Flickr photos on Firefox with the add-ons Gladder or Access Firefox.

Dedicated to B for being the inspiration behind this project.

April 1
Construction workers

This is the obligatory New China photo of construction workers at a building site. Better get it out of the way now.

April 2

Looking for directions in the subway

I spend a lot of time in the subway traveling to and fro, listening to the women come and go, talking of Michelangelo. These two people consulting each other on directions were an oasis of calm in the midst of the busy Beijing rush hour.

April 3

Some say creepy, and others say weird, but I say charming. This cat teapot was part of the decor at what is easily one of Beijing’s quirkiest restaurants, serving delicious Hangzhou cuisine in a French farmhouse atmosphere in a small courtyard.

April 4

Beijing magazine stand

These newsstands selling magazines and newspapers are dotted all around Beijing.

April 5

Swing dancing

Every Monday evening, I take swing dancing lessons with Swing Beijing. This is the Level 2 Lindy Hop class, just before my own class starts.

April 6

Illustrated Graffiti at university

Illustrations and graffiti liven up the walls at my university.

April 7

Bikes against a wall.

OK, I admit it, this was a day when I forgot my camera (this happened over the next 3 days!) because I took it out to upload photos. Oh dear. So here is a photo from when I was preparing for this project, another New China photo involving bikes against a hutong wall, etc.

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