The fish named Paul

When my friend came to visit, she was staying at one of the Orange Hotels. Her room was not empty when she arrived, however. There was a little tenant already there. Paul the Fish was clearly a very clever fish, since he was armed with a Rubik Cube.

Paul the Fish and his Rubik Cube

Ever the polite houseguest, he even came with a bilingual calling card:

Sadly, Paul died very quickly after my friend’s visit, undoubtedly because his little cube was just barely large enough for him to swim around. Lovely idea, terrible execution. Paul was replaced by Paul II, who was looking none too healthy by the time my friend left.

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One Comment on "The fish named Paul"

  1. mx
    14/06/2009 at 6:53 pm Permalink

    the fish is a sweet idea, if they can keep it alive; and i like it that the hotel owner is geeky enough to promote rubic cube.

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