Beijing Traffic Cop Dances Cha Cha, Directs Traffic

Just when I’m about to give up on this blog, I come across this most awesome video that reminds me why I started this blog in the first place!

This video is of Beijing traffic police officer He Changqing, directing traffic and doing the cha cha in what is sure to be the patented “He Changqing Traffic Direction Method.”

Via ChinaSMACK, who also has translations of the comments left by Chinese netizens. They range from “so niu (awesome)” to “should be more professional.” Personally, I think if all of Beijing’s traffic cops danced the cha cha, it’d be great. Probably not any more orderly because of all the gawkers, but still more fun than it is now!

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3 Comments on "Beijing Traffic Cop Dances Cha Cha, Directs Traffic"

  1. Scott
    06/05/2009 at 11:26 pm Permalink

    That’s awesome! I agree, all traffic direction should be handled like this. Beats traffic lights!

    But… is it just me, or are the drivers ignoring him anyway?

  2. Baoru
    09/05/2009 at 2:17 am Permalink

    We have dancing cops in the Philippines too! :-) At least you can see the enthusiasm they have for their job.

  3. Tom
    15/05/2009 at 8:20 am Permalink

    LOVE IT. Classic Quirky Beijing!

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