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the cutest cafe in beijing

Beijing doesn’t lack for cute cafes, but Miao Cafe is easily the cutest cafe in the city.  In fact it is one of the cutest cafes I have been to anywhere in the world.  As its name suggests, Miao Cafe is cat-themed.  Located on a quiet street behind the Yashow Market in Sanlitun, it’s worlds [...]

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a room with a view

A follow-up to this post, this delightful little room is upstairs over at Sugar Jar 白糖罐, an indie record store in the 798 / Dashanzi area. As you can see from the photo, the ground floor comprises the record store itself, with an excellent selection of the local indie rockists. Although it’s uncertain if the [...]

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the beekeeper of 定福庄

About 100 meters from the west gate at my university is a man selling honey.  This doesn’t seem particularly remarkable, but in fact, he is a beekeeper, raising the bees in his own backyard apiary nearby. There are different varieties of honey, depending on the flowers that the bees fed on, and he had date [...]

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