You Say Party! We Say Die!

Last night we went to a brilliant night of indie rock at D-22 in Wudaokou. The headliners were Canadian band You Say Party! We Say Die! with three fantastic opening bands from Beijing: Candy Monster, Guai Li, and Ourselves Beside Me. It was the attack of cute female lead singers channelling their aggression through music!

Candy Monster were an energetic, fun punk band from Shenyang:

Guai Li played a more straightforward punk. I loved the lead singer’s style–so Nana!

Ourselves Besides Me were an all-female band and the one that had the tightest songwriting and the most minimal performance style:

With their charismatic lead singer, You Say Party! We Say Die! inspired rock ecstasy amongst the true believers in attendance.  Standing near me was a Korean fan who was wearing a Vancouver jersey in honor of the occasion, and You Say Party! We Say Die!’s shouty, hyper dance-punk and the band’s antics–the bassist climbed onto the balcony via the speakers!–had the crowd in the front moshing madly. At the end of the act, it got out of control and ended up with the two most obnoxious moshers throwing punches at each other.

A rather unfortunate incident: some fool threw beer at the band in the beginning of the first song, and it killed the keyboard.

It was still a great night!

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2 Comments on "You Say Party! We Say Die!"

  1. Ed
    22/04/2008 at 2:06 am Permalink

    sounds you had fun!!!!!

  2. Anya
    25/04/2008 at 7:17 am Permalink

    ehehhe! these kids are from Vancouver
    I suddenly feel somehow closer to you :)

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