in praise of china scene

One of my favourite sections of China Daily, the official English-language daily here, is China Scene. Divided up into regional sections, China Scene compiles the offbeat and slice-of-life stories around China, with fun illustrations.

Here is one example about a would-be thief:

Shoplifter is head-trapped (from February 27, 2008)

A shoplifter in Fushun, Liaoning province, in his attempts to escape got his head wedged in a plasterboard wall of a supermarket.

A security guard at the supermarket on Sunday shoplifted the shoplifter surnamed Zhao and gave chase. Zhao bashed his head against the plasterboard wall to break it but instead got his head stuck in it.

Zhao was identified by police as also suspect in an injury case that occured a year ago.

Liaoshen Evening News

Here’s another one from today:

Graduates hire threads for job interviews

A shop that hires clothes to local university students is doing brisk business in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province.

The 20-sq-m shop has more than 100 types of clothes and charges between 25 yuan ($3.57) and 70 yuan for a men’s suit and 20 yuan to 45 yuan for a dress.

Customers who hire clothing can choose ties, scarves and accessories from the shop for free.

Most of the shop’s clients are local university students who want to hire outfits for job interviews and other social events.

Its boss expects the shop will be busier between May and August, the peak time for graduates to find work.

Dongfang Jinbao News

You can also read China Scene online (West, East, South, North, Central). These links will only go to today’s China Scenes, and alas, there are no illustrations.

(note: I also freelance for China Daily, but not for the China Scene section)

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