quirkyBeijing reads

- DIY Ceiling Cat, from Tubbypaws, itself an adorable blog about papercrafts
- How Wong Kar-wai lost his way by Grady Hendrix of Kaiju Shakedown
- The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu. A webcomic that dares to ask who is more evil, Sanrio characters or the dread lord Cthulhu. Hilarity ensues.
- Chinese cooking video: Mark Bittman makes shrimp with bok choy and black beans. Associated article on how to cook with black beans.

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2 Comments on "quirkyBeijing reads"

  1. Luke
    07/04/2008 at 2:45 am Permalink

    Thanks for the WKW artice, it was a good read.
    I saw “Blueberry Nights” a couple of months ago and was pretty disappointed by it.

  2. fiona
    07/04/2008 at 8:31 am Permalink

    Ironically, I still haven’t seen the film yet, but despite all of the critical hate, I’m curious about it. I do think that WKW is beginning to hit the same cycle that John Woo went through once he was in Hollywood: repeating motifs over and over again without developing new meanings.

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