stingrays and rainbow fish at Tesco’s!

We went to China’s first Tesco supermarket for the first time on Sunday. While Scott swooned over being able to buy a can of Tesco brand Spaghetti Hoops for the outrageous price of 11 RMB (they are 30p in the UK, according to him), I was particularly excited over the lively seafood section. In fact, while we were looking at the fresh fish tanks, we watched a fish make a break for freedom and another one in its death throes before it finally gave up the good fight.

In the frozen section, amongst all the usual fishes, there were stingrays and parrot fish for sale. I’ve never had either of these, but they are both said to be delicious. Perhaps one day I’ll try making the bbq sambal stingray or parrot fish in a ginger-court bouillon.

National Geographic’s profiles of the stingray and the parrot fish, both full of odd facts.

See also: uproar from animal rights groups in the UK because Tesco carries live turtles and frogs in its Chinese supermarkets.

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